USF has been playing at Raymond-James Stadium since its first season in 1997, but is looking into a five-year feasibility plan
The Oklahoma board of regents disagrees with the school president's stance on Big 12 expansion, and it could be a major issue for the Sooners.
There aren't a ton of amazing programs out there for the Big 12 to consider while looking at expanding to 12 teams, but these are the most logical choices.
Over the last 10 years, 24 players from Group of Five schools have been selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. We rank them, 24 to 1, here.
Lakatriona Brunson, better known as Bernice from 'South Beach Tow,' has been named head coach of Miami Jackson High School. Uncle Luke is her assistant.
CBS Sports efforted to recap the 2015 season of each of every AAC team ... in 140 characters or fewer.
Jamey Eisenberg did his first mock draft of 2016 with a group of high school kids, and the results are quite interesting given the format of this 10-team league.
Jeff Brohm has proven his worth and them some to Western Kentucky. He's about to get paid and should be a top candidate for a new job in 2016.
The Miami Beach Bowl produced another shootout this year, as the Hilltoppers came out on top against South Florida.
Western Kentucky quarterback Brandon Doughty proved Monday in the Miami Beach Bowl that he is indeed a legitimate NFL prospect. Will a team be lucky enough to see the potential?

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