Who survives in the end? No, this is no Halloween slasher flick, just the race to the playoff. With six top-10 teams set to clash in November, brace for a blood bath.
Georgia appealed Todd Gurley's punishment for accepting money to autograph memorabilia, but the NCAA upheld its four-game suspension.
Every week of the season the Eye On College Football's Jerry Hinnen, Chip Patterson and Tom Fornelli compete in a confidence pool.
Tom Fornelli and Jerry Hinnen join Chip Patterson to share and debate their against the spread picks for Week 10 in college football.
There are ideas on ways for college athletes to be paid off their name, image and likeness. How willing are schools to formulate their own ideas?
One sportsbook in Las Vegas thinks the Georgia Bulldogs are the favorite to win the 2014 national title.
The NCAA has a recent history of applying community service penalties in reinstatement cases. It's a good trade-off if -- as in the case of Todd Gurley -- a player struggles to pay back extra benefits.
The NCAA suspended Todd Gurley for four games for accepting about $3,000 in payments for autographs, it announced Wednesday. Georgia is appealing.
The first College Football Playoff rankings had three SEC teams in the top four. But history shows it'll all change. But for the better? Stay tuned.
NCAA president Mark Emmert says now would be a good time for the NCAA and its members to look at the autograph rules.

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