Counting down the biggest games, top stories and names you need to know 100 days out from the start of what's sure to be a tremendous campaign
With the Preakness on Saturday, we take a look at the win totals for Oklahoma, Florida State, Boise State and more teams with horse mascots.
Alabama made a verbal scholarship offer to Jesus Machado, an 8th-grade linebacker
The Golden Nugget has released early win total futures for top college football teams, led by Clemson and Florida State
The Jaguars have lost their first-round pick to a knee injury for two straight years
Steve Spurrier believes someone with 'common sense' should be college football's commissioner, but he's already taken himself out of the running
A look inside Pat Narduzzi's rebuild at Pitt shows the Panthers gearing up for a run at the ACC title sooner than even they expected
No quarterback may be no problem for Alabama once again as some familiar faces grace the top of Dennis Dodd's post-spring Power Rankings
All eyes will be on LSU's Leonard Fournette as he runs through college football in 2016. Should he stumble, adjusters will look for ways to run through his insurance policies.
Does college football need a commissioner? If it's going to get one, here are five outside-the-box options.

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