Arkansas and Nike revealed photos of the school's new logo and football uniforms on Monday night.
The Arkansas University Relations department has a Volkswagon Beetle tricked out to look like a Razorback.
Offensive coaches from Florida, Arkansas, Michigan, West Virginia, TCU (and yes, Lane Kiffin) have the most to gain or lose this college football season.
A store on Wisconsin's campus in Madison is selling #KARMA T-shirts as a response to a tweet from Jen Bielema, the wife of former Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema, last season.
Arkansas will wear a new kind of helmet this year that is supposed to help prevent and diagnose concussions.
Arkansas coach Bret Bielema has apologized for his comments about having "death certificates" as proof that hurry-up offenses lead to more injuries.
Speaking to SI.com, Bret Bielema says being unable to sub out players with possible sickle-cell issues is his motivation for supporting the 10-second substitution change.
A need to protect players? Hardly, opponents say. Backers of the proposal just want to slow-down ultra-successful teams with hurry-up offenses.
Arkansas is awaiting the approval of a liquor license to provide beer and wine to club seat holders in Razorback Stadium.
With no exception, there are classes you take a look at every recruiting cycle and say "you know, this is a really good class even though it's ranked x"- five stand out in that regard for 2014.

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