| 1495632000
Jarvis Landry has been putting up numbers. Now he wants some.
| 1495630800
Ryan Tannehill wants, and needs, to take the next step forward
| 1495629540
The Dolphins running back wants even more this season
| 1495627200
The Dolphins starter wants to make an impact
| 1495573753
The Dolphins newest addition embarrassed himself when last in Miami
Overtime in the NFL is going from 15 minutes to 10 minutes in an effort to reduce injuries
| 1495549358
The Dolphins wideout is the best in the league
| 1495546158
Ryan Tannehill has some words for his alma mater
| 1495530000
The Dolphins are back in action this week.
| 1495481261
The Dolphins quarterback made one important advance last season

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