Washington vs. Philadelphia Play By Play

First Quarter
Washington Redskins at 15:00
D.Hopkins kicks 65 yards from WAS 35 to end zone Touchback.
Philadelphia Eagles at 15:00
1-10-PHI25(15:00) (Shotgun) C.Wentz pass short right to Z.Ertz to PHI 36 for 11 yards (H.Clinton-Dix).
1-10-PHI36(14:25) (Shotgun) J.Adams up the middle to PHI 41 for 5 yards (F.Moreau).
2-5-PHI41(13:58) (No Huddle Shotgun) J.Adams left end to PHI 42 for 1 yard (Z.Brown).
3-4-PHI42(13:16) (Shotgun) C.Wentz pass short right to A.Jeffery to PHI 48 for 6 yards (D.Swearinger).
(12:36) (Shotgun) PENALTY on PHI-J.Kelce False Start 5 yards enforced at PHI 48 - No Play.
1-15-PHI43(12:13) (Shotgun) C.Wentz pass short left to G.Tate to WAS 38 for 19 yards (Z.Brown) [P.McPhee]. FUMBLES (Z.Brown) ball out of bounds at WAS 38.
1-10-WAS38(11:47) (Shotgun) C.Wentz pass short middle to Z.Ertz to WAS 32 for 6 yards (D.Swearinger).
2-4-WAS32(11:12) J.Adams up the middle pushed ob at WAS 21 for 11 yards (G.Stroman).
1-10-WAS21(10:39) J.Adams right end to WAS 13 for 8 yards (G.Stroman).
2-2-WAS13(9:53) C.Clement left end to WAS 9 for 4 yards (F.Moreau). FUMBLES (F.Moreau) and recovers at WAS 12. C.Clement to WAS 12 for no gain (F.Moreau).
3-1-WAS12(9:08) C.Clement up the middle to WAS 9 for 3 yards (Z.Brown).
1-9-WAS9(8:25) J.Adams up the middle to WAS 6 for 3 yards (M.Foster).
2-6-WAS6(7:40) (Shotgun) C.Wentz pass short right to G.Tate for 6 yards TOUCHDOWN.
J.Elliott extra point is GOOD Center-R.Lovato Holder-C.Johnston.
WAS 0   PHI 7,   Plays: 12   Yards: 75   Possession: 7:29.