All things College Football, by Eye on College Football writers Tom Fornelli, Robby Kalland and Chip Patterson.
The Bears have reportedly fired their head football coach following an investigation into physical and sexual assaults allegedly committed by Baylor players
The Big 12 could have been a 16-team superconference, and Texas' power move seriously hurt Nebraska
Former Texas Tech QB David Webb should feel right at home in Cal's wide-open offense
Brandon Douglas Shanahan, 22, is being charged with intent to extort money after posing as "Camsutton2323" on Snapchat
College football embracing biases and chaos is just one reason why a commissioner for the sport would simply never work out
The Hurricanes' new coach will reportedly donate $1 million to help fund his own team's top facility project, a decision that has already drawn comments from opposing fans
Michigan running back Drake Johnson, who has suffered two ACL injuries, was run over by a forklift last month
A Lite Brite-looking Vols' truck in Alabama seems almost unthinkable, but that's what one reporter recently came across
Poll of 100 FBS recruits says today's athletes aren't impressed by traditional uniforms like Alabama's
Walk-on defensive end Danny Doyle received a surprise scholarship by way of a phone call from his parents as orchestrated by David Cutcliffe

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